parmesan risotto with mushrooms & oregano.


Are you enjoying the recent glimpses of spring?  This past weekend, I tried to walk around outside as much as possible.  I did all my errands on foot Friday evening, walked to the gym in the morning on Saturday, and then Chris and I walked to a late brunch at Cava Mezze in the afternoon.   It’s starting…

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compass coffee in shaw.


I don’t know about you, but I was lucky to have some great local coffee shops to study at in Blacksburg, my college town.  I went to Deet’s on campus a lot as a freshman, particularly for group meetings more than individual studying due to the louder noise level.  Bollo’s was–and still is–the local favorite,…

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banana pistachio bread.


Pistachios in everything lately!  I have always loved pistachio gelato, but after I tried out an incredible pistachio, feta, green pepper, and jalapeño dip for two Mediterranean dinner parties earlier this year, I was truly awakened to its glory.  I used pistachios in a recent weekday night dinner as well on a “rustic Italian farmhouse” pizza — and we devoured it…

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one eight distilling.


Here is something different to try out on a weekend!  One of D.C.’s newest distilleries, One Eight Distilling, opened up this past January in Ivy City  near Union Market downtown.  “One Eight” comes from Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which named D.C. as the capital of the United States.  Tours and tastings are free right now on…

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top 100: restaurant week at the bombay club.


Recently, I declared that I’ve fallen in love with Indian food.  Well, it was all thanks to The Bombay Club, one of Washingtonian‘s Top 100 restaurants!  Located near the Farragut West metro, this posh place is meant to represent the old clubs of India.  The seats were large and plush, the dining room was dimly lit, and a…

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snow day at fuego.


Hello, world!  I’m surfacing for a moment out of the depths of grad school and a recent role change at work.  I’m out in Fairfax three nights a week for school this semester, plus quite a few Saturdays.  Whenever I’m not doing homework, I’ve been trying to keep my old job afloat before my backfill starts —…

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